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Defining global excellence in Core Conditioning for over 2 decades!

In the late 1990s, core conditioning was a specialty limited to physical therapists. There was a huge knowledge gap in the fitness and professional sports sectors.
Paul Chek filled that gap and revolutionized the way we understand and condition the core. Drawing on the insights of rehabilitation and performance conditioning experts, he built a comprehensive system of assessments, exercises and programming techniques for health and fitness professionals. 

Our Scientific Core Conditioning workshop presents the most updated version of Paul's system, grounded in over two decades of clinical practice and refined by evolving scientific research.

CHEK Practitioners worldwide possess a secret, largely unknown to both fitness and medical rehabilitation professionals. In this 2-day workshop, we will reveal that secret!
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Workshop Overview and Potential Returns

In the late 1990s, Paul Chek revolutionised the way we understand and condition 'the core', incorporating insights from global experts in the field of rehabilitation and performance conditioning. At that time, Core conditioning was a specialty practice limited to physical therapists, with a significant gap in understanding within the fitness and professional sports sectors.

Fast forward 20 years, and it's disappointing to note that little has changed in how this vital function is assessed and conditioned. The upcoming 2-day workshop promises to present updated techniques and exercises, gleaned from over two decades of clinical practice and evolving scientific research, without compromising the fundamental concepts Paul originally introduced.

CHEK Practitioners worldwide possess a secret, largely unknown in both the fitness and medical rehabilitation sectors. In this 2-day workshop, we are going to reveal that secret!

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Go beyond exercise

The CHEK System is an Integrated Health System. It offers more than precise assessment and functional exercise protocols. It addresses key reasons why many clients fail to achieve sustainable health. Scientific Core Conditioning will teach you what actions to take before and alongside your core conditioning to create a stable, strong, and functional pain-free body.

Knowledge and skills you will gain

The workshop is an all-encompassing course on the core. It begins with functional anatomy where you will deepen your understanding of the abdominal muscles and their biomechanical relationship with the entire kinetic chain - this is crucial for back pain prevention, good posture, and peak sports performance.

You will learn:

  • Functional anatomy
  • Support mechanisms of the abdominals
  • Why tongue position matters
  • Risks of faulty abdominal training
  • Core function assessments
  • How to reactivate the abdominal wall post-surgery or deconditioning
  • Significance of core coordination and strength tests
  • Exercises from post-rehabilitation up to high performance techniques

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This course will revolutionize your approach to abdominal exercise prescription. It is a must for orthopedic rehabilitation professionals, strength and conditioning coaches, personal trainers, fitness instructors, and athletic trainers.

What’s included in the workshop?

All workshop attendees will have access to:


A digital manual featuring all assessments and exercises, and much more


Access to an online test with a Certificate of Completion awarded upon achieving 80% or above score


Due to the overwhelming demand for TEAM CHEK workshops, participant numbers are limited. To secure your place, register now or join our waiting list for more workshops in 2024! Begin your journey towards lifelong learning and growth with us.

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