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A 2-Day Workshop for CHEK Practitioners Designed to:

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Build Confidence

In Your Skills

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Get Faster

And More Efficient At Assessing Your Clients

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Your Skills To New Client Cases

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Your Training More Deeply In Your Business

That means better results for your clients and a thriving business for you!

Why a Refresher Weekend?

Choose either one ($199 US) or both ($395 US) days (adjustments for regional currency applicable).
 This exclusive weekend welcomes all current and past students who have successfully completed any of the following:
  • HLC 1 or above,
  • IMS 1/CHEK Exercise Coach or above,
  • or both!
 Whether you prefer to register for a single day or for the whole weekend, we're geared to accommodate your unique requirements aligned with your CHEK qualification.
 A golden chance to re-establish your connections with the illustrious CHEK Faculty, reignite friendships with familiar faces, and forge new connections within an ever-growing network of like-minded individuals!
IMPORTANT NOTICE: Due to the immense popularity of these refresher weekends, we're obligated to limit the number of participants. To ensure your spot, register without delay or join our waiting list for further refresher weekends in 2024! Your journey to lifelong learning and growth starts here!
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Don't miss this exceptional opportunity!

Upcoming CHEK Practitioner Level 1 Refresher Workshops

Want to know what’s covered in the CHEK Practitioner Level 1 workshop? Click on each day below below to find out more about what  skills and techniques are covered.

CP1 Refresher Workshop

Day 1: Integrated Movement Science Level 1

Formerly CHEK Exercise Coach - This day is open to all who have attended a live class, virtual class or IMS 1 online and would like to review the essential techniques of the 5-day class. It’s also open to students who may have attended the class when it was CHEK Exercise Coach (before 2018).

In this 1-day workshop, we will cover:

  • Practicing all the IMS 1 assessments and reviewing how to interpret and apply the test results effectively
  • Reviewing key CHEK Principles focusing on Program Design
  • Interpreting the combination of each client’s assessment findings and unique goals or dream into a periodized program
  • Case study review - applications
  • Introduction and practicing the new CHEK Clinic IMS 1 Assessment Flow Forms
  • Updates to IMS 1 from the past few years

This workshop is perfect for those who may have got a little rusty in their assessment skills or who simply need a more in-depth look at how to design world-class exercise programs for their clients (or themselves). 

It’s also a great return to the CHEK system after maybe a decade or more from when they first attended CHEK Exercise Coach.

Day 2: Holistic Lifestyle Coaching Level 1

This is open to all who have completed and passed HLC 1 as a 3-day Live class or have completed HLC 1 online.

In this highly practical day, we will cover:

  • The CHEK Foundation Health Principles
  • Review of the last 4 doctors you’ll ever need
  • Effective application of the mind-body themes with Zone exercises
  • Interpreting and working with the Nutrition & Lifestyle Questionnaire including:
    • You are what you eat
    • Stress
    • Circadian health
    • You are when you eat
    • Digestive system health
    • Fungus and parasites
    • Detoxification system health
  • How to coach and mentor clients effectively
  • How to coach online

This 1-day is fantastic for all who want to dive deeper into this world-renowned class, and who want to learn how to implement all assessments into a professional coaching business.

If you have completed both IMS 1 (or the old CHEK Exercise Coach) AND HLC 1, you are welcome to attend 1 day or both! If you have only completed 1 of the classes previously, you are welcome to attend the 1 day relevant to your past certification with us.

Reconnect with the CHEK Community

This is the start of many CHEK Professional review workshops that we are holding across the globe with the goal of bolstering your confidence and practical skills AND to reconnect you with our growing CHEK global community.

Current CHEK Academy Students

All Current members of CHEK Academy has access to the online review workshops from each of the IMS and HLC levels through to Year 3; if current academy students wish to also attend these workshops they can do so and receive a 25% discount off the regular price. Discounted Academy places may be limited to 4 per workshop depending on the particular workshop.

What’s included in the workshop?

All workshop attendees will receive the following learning elements as part of their Refresher workshop


2 days of instruction


Digital ATP Manuals


Detailed New Case Studies


Returning students:
Access to post-ATP follow-up videos
New CHEK Assets


ALL Students Are Welcome!

Whether you’re a current student, a CHEK Academy Student or you’ve taken a break from your CHEK Training and you’re ready to return, everyone is welcome to attend this workshop - and everyone will benefit!

For returning students especially, these workshops will help you reconnect with your skills and re-implement them in your practice efficiently and effectively. You’ll also be well prepared for the next step in your CHEK training.

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